Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Leviathan 3


Josef's hand was vigorous on Felix's shaft, rubbing hard but gently. Josef savored its firmness, while Felix let out short and quiet gasps, surprised at the tenderness of such seemingly inexperienced fingers.

Soon Felix thought it unfair to not return Josef's favors. He was curious and wanted to give too. His own fingers began searching for Josef's stiff member. A tinge of anxiety invaded his thoughts as he reached over. Did it make him different from the other boys, this pleasure of receiving and giving? And what of the girls, those moist crevices and perky breasts, he fantasized about while alone in the bath? Was it all a front? Was he changing his mind about his desires?

Both held each other in the tightest of embraces, hungry for the other's manhood. There was more stroking, kissing, and muffled moans. They had not a care that their heads pressed heavily on Paul's stomach. He was deep in sleep after all, his body quiet and still except for the grumble of his faint snore.

The excitement at the novelty of their familiar bodies did not wane. It was all the more delicious for it was clandestine. Their classmates and teachers were at a nearby hut, rowdy and drunken. It electrified them knowing the possibility that they could be found out. It thrilled them to be in on a secret, their semi-nude bodies covered only by the warm blanket of a dark night.

Soon, temperatures began to rise, their breaths more fiery with each succeeding touch. Their kisses grew unquenchable, their grasp on each other more voracious. The bestial dance was reaching its apex. They felt their spirits soar higher and higher, as familiar tremors grew even louder from within. They both knew what was next and held their breaths. Their senses began to implode. Closer and closer, they approached the molten core of each other's center. Finally...they erupted.

Spent, they both quivered in each other's arms. They turned towards the night sky and felt a calm begin to settle. They lay side by side, not moving, not speaking; their minds still raw from all that transpired. Slowly, they welcomed sleep.

Above them, there were countless stars in the dark firmament. They were like eyes, like a multitude of angels looking down upon the leviathan washed ashore.


Eternal Wanderer... said...


pinagjakulan ko to!




Anonymous said...

Hmmm such imagery. It reminds me of the the quote, "Pure is for the pure". It's not sinful, the story is a celebration of facets of youth, passion, and sensuality.

I just have one question though. Are you... a Gay?

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

LOL @ armand & EW!!! Ahahaha!

EW - I had to get inspiration from Dudetube, et al! Chiz.

armand - awwwhhh... thanks! I didn't want it to come across as cheap and dirty. Glad that that got through with you.

xtian1978ii said...

ang lupit

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

thanks, xtian!

pkf said...

i'm glad to know the ending was... gratifying. lol.

you should share something you've written recently! i'm curious to see how you've evolved since then :)

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

@ PKF, actually a lot of this part was just written yesterday. The ending was a mess that I had to fix it and write new lines, and include what was written in the other drafts.

I guess... I'm still as precious as before! LOL!

Anonymous said...

more! more! :D

i could just imagine this one written in tagalog. haha. that would be a very interesting material.

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

Uhm... lest I have another nose bleed and aneurysm Maxwell, I'd rather not write in Tagalog! Haha! But thanks for stopping by.

CubaoBoy said...

such a ting ting erotica... grabe i came thrice...bravo!!

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

thanks for passing by CB! Your entry made my pickle tingle too! LOL!

CEZ. said...

beautifully written if i may so so myself. and i can't believe i read it!! hahaha!! i liked how you were able to really carry the reader to an orgasmic high followed by a calm finish. parang you just wanna take a deep breath after reading this.

wait, remz really read this????

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

Hey Cez! I think my mother would grovel along the church aisle after reading this, to pray for her son's sins! LOL! Thanks for reading cuzzie!