Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Over It 2

Here's the second installment to yesterday's bliss:

"The card reader says, 'Listen to your heart...' And though the pessimist in me thinks it such a cheesy cop-out, the romantic and optimist in me finds it all too delicious. Truly, I've been too concerned of what other people think, exhausting myself in trying to look good, over-thinking to justify my ways; all of this, swimming in my head, forgetting to hear my heart. Interesting how she tied my current stasis, that palpable dead feeling that has burdened me, the loss of inspiration and vitality---all of this, to how I've silenced my heart's voice for so long."

"Yet still, I hear my mother's voice in my head. 'There is a reason why the head is above the heart', she says; her voice dripping with pragmatism. Nonetheless, one cannot discount the heart's existence nor it's power to induce our thoughts and decisions right?"

"The card reader continues that it's high time that I live outside the box I've quartered myself in. True. I've been inside it for so long, even describing it in the past as how 'petrified' I've become---deadened and scared. Living is a risk, and there is no other way but to take it on. Great if one succeeds, but if not, then try again. One thing never fails... you learn."


Eternal Wanderer... said...

Life is all about striving for balance.

And that includes being cognizant of what your mind tells you, and feeling what the heart whispers to you.


enilejna said...

*hwhisper hwhisper moan sigh* - puso

*bitch bitch freak out flip* - isip

Just making up an imaginary dialogue between our two poles. ;)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Enilejna: You should read the conversations of me and ME in my blog!