Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Laundry Day (a.k.a. "F*CK YOU")

Just like the dirty laundry hanging on the chairs in my room; like the crumpled sheets and limp pillows on my bed, my feelings for you have burdened me for quite some time now. Folding each piece of clothing, changing the musky sheets into new ones, I seem to have found a clearer view of what had happened between us. I even found the courage to finally write my thoughts down. So here, the bitter bile that I have long cradled deep within my gut:


It took me two miserable months to come terms with everything. My embarrassment at having risked my tender heart to hope and love hard; blaming myself at having asked the question of what exactly we were; my being blind to your refusal to take things further; my sightless understanding at how you can be one cold-hearted and manipulative bitch; accepting your arrogance, your penchant for the high life, and your tight attachment to money and material things.

Yes, each time I recount what was, what happened, I reek of resentment and anger. My voice always seems to swell, my eyes widening in scorn. I even refuse to utter your name. For a time, the mere mention of it made me recoil in pain. I kept whining and pining; even in the silence of my room. I wanted my anguish to be loud enough so that it could reach you. I wanted you to feel me. I wanted you to hear me. I wanted you to understand me. Sadly, that's not how things work. And even if it did, the power to prevail rests in my hands and nobody else’s. After all, you refused to see me when you were here. You refused to answer my call, respond to my texts, and were scheming enough to keep me in the dark. You even had the gall to lie to my friends that you tried to reach me. We both know what the truth really was.

It all exhausted and infuriated me. I can only imagine what it did to my friends, who seemed patient and courteous enough not to roll their eyes at me whenever I would rant. Your cowardice and cruelty couldn’t have been any clearer.

Friends say that this is all so tragic. They said we had a good thing going. I admit, for whatever it was worth, it was great while it lasted. Yes, we had a good thing going. But, you let go and left me gasping. Unfortunate that it all had to end this way. Tragic? No. Unfair, yes. I’d like to think tragedies are made of more honorable stuff. In some ways, we validate our unkindness with stories of our brokenness but it never constitutes cruelty.

Beyond the fluff of emotions, justifications, pointing fingers and regrets, my self-imposed guilt in being responsible for causing it all to unravel, the simplicity was this: you were just not that into me. I asked some questions, you reacted a certain way. We, with our assumptions, blew everything out of proportion by making it mean more than what actually was. That’s all there is to it. In the spirit of magnanimity at having accepted your flaws, I also accept that the way you deal with affliction is that you run away from it, letting go quickly like a hand to a flame. Nothing wrong with that really. That’s just the way you are. That’s your business, not mine. So keep running. You only have yourself to wrestle with.

Good luck. Goodbye.


Lately, I'm glad that my voice has softened, my smile more sincere, and the sheets at home, all neatly folded and hung.


engel said...

I don't know, but I can relate to this. Unfortunately, I don't think I can say FU to him. Not yet anyway. =(

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

Hey engel, here's a *hug* for you. Actually the title was care of our dear, Ternie (I was thinking of "Laundry Day"). For my sake, I felt I needed to let go already; and writing down what I truly felt was important. And that includes expressing my fury, even if it were crass and all. Thanks for stopping by!

pkf said...

glad you got that out of your system. forward and onward!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

why is it always my fault?



Bonbon's Tea Party said...

Thanks, Madame!

@ Ternie: Because you're a beach and a slat! LOL!

CubaoBoy said...

Well did you f*ck him? literally? kidding! Glad you've finally come to terms with what that so called relationship was and what it was not. At the end of the day you're still the winner because you were courageous enough to wear your heart on your sleeves. Hope this ends your mood swings whenever we hang out lol!

Bonbon's Tea Party said...

@ CB: Awwwwhhhh... thanks! Really? I've been moody?! LOL!

idealgirl said...

Out with the old, On with the new!
Charge it all to experience!.. Now we know what not to look for in a guy. =) hope this made you smirk at least. hugsies!

enilejna said...

man, that was one hell of a detox blog post. :) hugabugs for my lei-lei-lucky-ducky-BITCH

oops that must LATITI be my turrets

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i just bloghopped from ternie's page. wow, that was some writing. it's like yo wrote the whole thing with clenched teeth. i had a hard time breathing while i was in the middle of it.

i guess it's because some time ago, i was there. to this day, it still scares me. the heart, for all its tenacity, never really loses its tenderness. :c

i'm glad you have clean sheets now. i think i would've liked it to be called laundry day like you said. the metaphor is <3.

Joni Gail A. Morales said...

it's been a while since you've written on your blog - how've you been?